At B2B Consulting we pursue excellence in
enabling technology for businesses.

Working together with B2B Asia we can create complete, innovative, customized, and competitive technology solutions.

Our quality standards were built upon years of experience in international business, that we can now proudly share with our customers to help them create superior value.

Learn more about how B2B Consulting can help:

We usually start off by understanding the customer
needs – and sometimes even the customer’s customer
needs – bringing technology and management strategies
to create practical and sustainable business plans.


Over a strong business plan, we plan how to bring
the idea to life – regardless of whether the execution
is performed in the Americas, in Asia, or in both places.


We execute the project using agile methods and
collaborative tools, bringing cooperation and
transparency throughout the whole process.

Throughout the product’s lifecycle we constantly
monitor its performance and quality, making the
necessary adjustments.

We also serve in the board of directors of small
and medium tech companies, sharing our experience
to define suitable business strategies

Add state-of-the-art international technology to your products.

Get in touch and learn what we can do for your business!

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