We bring global technology to add competitiveness to your business!

We bring global technology to add competitiveness to your business!



This is how we offer
our expertise:

We make it easy for businesses to access Asian suppliers and technologies.

We use our knowledge and experience in international business to customize technological solutions that fulfil the needs of our customers.

Our success is built upon a tireless quest for sustainable growth and value creation.


The best of the worldwide technology at your fingertips

The best of the worldwide technology at your fingertips

Searching for customized technology solution to your business?
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We are ready to get involved in every stage of the lifecycle of a customized technological solution: market research, business planning, product specification, product development, product validation, mass production, international logistics support, and product evolution. And more: we can do it by discussing with customers and suppliers in their first language, no matter if it is Portuguese, English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.


We are strategically located in two sites: B2B Consulting in Brazil and B2B Asia in Taiwan.

See below how we operate:

B2B Consulting in Brazil performs strategic business development, solutions design, software development, project management and product lifecycle management.

B2B Asia in Taiwan executes electronical and mechanical hardware development, supply chain management, quality assurance and logistics support.

Our customers:

Head of operations:

João Cadamuro Jr.

João Cadamuro Junior is known in the technology field simply as Cadamuro.

With bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he worked as a professor between 1998 and 2003 – while researching his MSc and PhD degrees. Throughout his research career, he also managed to apply his knowledge in practical applications in various private companies.

His first entrepreneurship experience was between 2002 and 2004, partnering with colleagues to launch a new tech company.
Back to the corporate world, he worked in R&D between 2005 and 2010.


In 2011 Cadamuro changed the focus of his career to management.

He lived in Asia for seven years, where he also attended the renowned Executive Program in International Management presented by Stanford Graduate School of Business and NUS Business School in Singapore.
After returning to Brazil in 2019, he studied corporate governance and served as board member in small and medium companies.

Bringing together the best of technology and management fields, B2B International was launched to capture the best of Asian technologies and international business practices – tunneling all efforts towards creating innovative technological solutions.


Add state-of-the-art international technology to your products.

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