B2B Asia is B2B International’s right arm that is ready to offer your business the benefits of the Asian Tigers.

To guarantee the quality of our products we offer specific international certifications, and strict supply chain management.

 Learn more about how B2B Asia can help:


We develop and/or customize hardware
products – including electronic boards, plastic and metal parts,
packages, and other accessories.

We perform product testing and validation, such
as temperature, vibration, and aging tests.

We can certify products in international
standards, such as CE, FCC,
and IP protection.

We follow up with the manufacturing process
of all our products, ensuring the required quality,
and overseeing the international shipment.

We can also prepare and ship CKD or SKD
kits for our products.

We manage the international supply chain
using their first language and time zone.

Add state-of-the-art international technology to your products.

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